We have ambitious plans to help shelter dogs: subscribe below if you'd like to join us.

Stuart's shelter trip changed lives. We can do this daily.

Fetch.Fund: a next gen mission-driven brand

We are going to make something you already do every day help provide care, shelter, food and vaccines for dogs in need. We created this concept with purpose and love.

Our product is currently in development. 10% of all proceeds will go directly to your local shelter, 5-10x more than other mission-driven companies we have seen in the space. We want to go big and make a real difference for animals who need help, and together we can get there. 


You're a mission-driven company, is that the same as non-profit?

Not quite, our mission is to generate funds for non-profit dog shelters. A pure non-profit wouldn't be selling you any products, you'd just be donating directly (which we encourage you to do as well). We want to grow each year to reinvest into new product ideas, marketing, R&D to keep your costs low and help as many dogs as possible. We also do not plan to run this like a typical business. The way this concept is structured we will never have the same level of profits as large retailers or even other small boutiques. We're planning to donate 10% of *all* sales of our innovative product to local shelters (specifically if you're a customer with us, your shelter). This is a multiple 5-10x higher than the most generous pet product providers we have seen. Our goal is to increase this over time and set unprecedented numbers for giving back everyone can celebrate together. The point for us is not to enrich shareholders (there aren't shareholders, we're bootstrapped and not VC funded). Our reason for being is to help give dogs - yours and those who are still in the process of adoption - a great life.  

What is it you'll be selling?

We can't say just yet, but rest assured we're going to make you excited about a product you've never given much thought before and give you a story to go with it.

Why Fetch.Fund?

Our dog, Dash the dingo's favorite game is fetch. We want to make fetch happen for all shelter dogs and raise consistent, predictable money for your local shelter in a way no one has thought of.  Oh yeah, if you didn't catch on by now - Dash is our dog model for all of the above website photos.  

Who is behind this?

I'm Adam Singer and work in life science/tech sector by day, by night write original music and now also am building this DtC concept as a labor of love. I plan to keep my day job and work on this in free time as a passion project to help our furry friends. You can read my story with finding my best friend here.